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Running a smooth digital project

Building the perfect digital product you want requires as much care and attention throughout the process as making your perfect afternoon coffee. But there are many important ingredients that clients and developers fail to cover to meet the goals set in mind.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a project manager, or a freelancer, come down and join Murtaza for a friendly and informal Lunch and Learn session as he guides you on how the flow of running digital projects actually works and what it takes to get the right product in your hands. While there are lots of potential pitfalls and things to be aware of, we believe you can still enjoy the process by learning how to knock the bugs off your socks.

Why Software Development Life Cycle vital to you?

For every digital project, be it a website, a mobile app or game, the first important step is to define how the development process will be organised and what would be the responsibilities of each team member. This is what Software Development Life Cycle is all about.

Developers and clients tend to speak different languages when it comes to working together for a Digital or IT project. Understanding the workflow of the process your business relies on not only helps you to manage expectations but also equips you with the proper tools when taking on such a project. Following such a workflow helps build a bridge between the different parts of the team involved in the project, and makes the results generally more predictable.

3 Core advantages of following an SDLC model:

  1. Serves as a guide to the project and provides a flexible and consistent medium to accommodate changes, and perform the project to meet your objectives.
  2. The different phases define key schedule and delivery points which ensure timely and correct delivery to you within their budget and other constraints and project requirements.
  3. It also facilitates project control and management of activities.

In this session, Murtaza will cover SDLC and what you should expect in their respective phases:

  • The Research phase which is the initial step of the SDLC, where your needs are determined.
  • After compiling a list of all needed elements, the design phase commences.
  • After the software is designed and coded, it needs to tested and reworked when necessary.
  • The software is then ready to go live, which is known as the implementation phase.
  • The last phase is maintenance, which requires staff ready and able to handle errors, other problems and upgrades throughout the application’s lifespan.

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What are the takeaways?

After the session, you will have a basic understanding of how to plan a digital project, how to identify the red flags in the process and what to expect from the other team members.

Bio of speaker: Murtuza https://www.linkedin.com/in/mtopiwalla

Murtuza is the Co-Founder and CEO of SodaInMind

His main drive is to get involved with early stage startups, speaking to founders with the aim of helping them develop a strategy that focuses on revenue generation leaving headspace and room for breakout growth. The main focus for him is to ensure that founders are free from time consuming mundane tasks and allow themselves the freedom and space to think of improvements for their own businesses. He constantly maintains a strong relationship between founders and investors.

While developing business plans for financial stability, Murtuza also connects start ups to partners and aids them in developing a product offering to break out from a service model to a product model. Other areas of businesses include, amongst other things, management of cash-flow, ensuring low dependency of any team member and making sure the founders have constant access to partners they they need.

His previous experience of leading a few start ups has helped him understand the nuances, difficulties and considerations of starting a business. His largest achievement was leading Upfront Media from 0 to 50 staff in 2013 in 3 countries winning and maintaining accounts from Malaysian Airlines, AIG, IBM, Estee Lauder and Aviva, before he exited the company.


Mon Aug 15, 2016
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM SGT
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Workcentral Lunch and Learn Workshop - Running a smooth digital project